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Child - it's the flesh of the sea waves, wind, lightning, sun ... Artist Tatiana Dery.


Poet - is a person who strongly rejoices greatly grieved, angry easily and firmly loves that deeply feels worried and sympathetic. And the children are.
A philosopher - is a person who is deeply ponder and always wants to know how things really are. Again, the children are.
Children find it difficult to say by what they feel and what they think, because to speak the words. And even more difficult to write. But children - poets and philosophers.


Child - the flesh of sea waves, wind, lightning, sun, the Milky Way. This speck of dust - a kinship with the ear, grass, oak, palm, chick, whelp, foal, puppy. It concluded that feels, sees, suffering, rejoicing, love, hope, hate, faith, doubt, attracts and repels. This speck embrace the idea - the stars and the oceans, mountains and abysses, - everything.




What is the content of the soul, if not the whole universe, but on a different scale!


- My child .....
No. Neither the months of pregnancy or in childbirth watch your child does not happen.
No, it's all child - mother and father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
Someone far I slept among the ancestors of someone's decayed, long-forgotten voice suddenly rang in your child. Seek .... sleeping particles themselves in your man's child. Maybe you will find it, even, perhaps, you manage to develop.




Is the earth by the sun because it shines? Wood - the seed from which it grew? Did the nightingale trills dedicates its mother for what she once it heats itself? Do you give away your child what he received from his parents, or lend at a time, carefully considering and calculating interest?
Is love - a service that can be paid?
Janusz Korczak













Children - is the embodiment of a certain sincerity. For the person looking for work - is the embodiment of his inner "I", a child directly, not clouded our world affairs, more sincere in terms of feelings. The initial value of the picture - it is a joy to the eye. Each painting - a certain state, emotion.
Tatiana Dery was born in 1973 in Moscow. In 1991, she graduated with honors with MSHSH MGHI them. Surikov. In 1999 he graduated from the Moscow State Academic Institute. Vasily Surikov. From this period began active exhibition activity. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

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