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The day has come! Good day ... Maxim Gorky and Vladimir Zhdanov artist

The day has come! Good day ... Maxim Gorky and Vladimir Zhdanov artist

The best thing in the world - look like day is born!
In the sky flashed the first ray of the sun - the darkness of night quietly hiding in the rocks of the mountains and crack stones, hiding in the dense foliage of trees, grass lace, sprinkled with dew, and the top of the mountain smiling gentle smile - just speak soft shadows of the night:
- Do not be afraid - it's the sun!


Krymskoe morning

Waves of the sea rises high white heads, bow to the sun, as the court beauties to his king, bow and sing:
- Welcome, ruler of the world!
Good sun laughs, the waves all night playing, circling, circling, and now they are tattered, and their clothes wrinkled green velvet loops confused.
- Good day! - Says the sun rising over the sea.
- Hello, beautiful!
But - rather, hush! Children will not be able to swim if you do not stop to jump so high! It is necessary that everyone on earth was good, does not it?


Run out of the cracks of stones and green lizards, blinking sleepy eyes and say to each other:
- Today will be hot!
On a hot day - flies fly lazy lizards easy to catch and eat them, and eat good fly - it's so nice! Lizards - desperate gourmet.
Burdened by the dew, playfully swaying flowers, just tease and say:
- Write a minute, sir, about how we are beautiful morning, dew-dress! Write-ka words small portraits of flowers. Try it, it's easy - we are just ...




Crafty things they are! Know perfectly well that it is impossible to describe in words the man of their sweet beauty, and - laugh! Taking off his hat respectfully, I tell them:
- You are very kind! Thank you for the honor, but - I do not have time today. Then maybe ...
They proudly smiling, stretching to the sun, its rays burn in the drops of dew, showering petals and leaves glitter of diamonds. And above them already swirling golden bees and wasps, circling, guzzle sweet honey and warm air shed their thick song:
Blessing of the Sun -
Joyful source of life!
Blessed work -
Beauty of the earth!




Woke Krasnogruda robins; standing, swaying on thin legs, and also sing their song of quiet joy - birds better than people know how good it is - to live on earth! Robins are always the first to meet the sun; in the distant cold Russia they are called "robin" because the feathers on the breast of the birds painted in the color of dawn. In the bushes jump funny piggy - greyish with yellow, they are similar to street children, the same mischievous and just constantly scream. Chasing gnats, swifts and swallows flit like a black arrow, and ring joyfully and happily - good to have a quick, light wings!



Wince branches of pines - pines like a huge bowl, and it seems that they are poured light of the sun, like golden wine. Wake up people, those for whom all of life - work; wake up those who are lifelong adorn and enrich the earth, but - from birth to death are poor.
You will learn more about that later, when you're a big if, of course, want to know, but for now - to know how to love the sun, the source of all joy and strength, and be merry, kind, for everyone equally good sun.





People woke up, and now they go to their fields, to his work - the sun looks at them and smiles, it knows better than anyone how much good done by people on the ground, it once, saw her desolate, and now the whole earth is covered great work of people - our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers - between serious and, as long as, unknown to the children they have done well and all the toys, all the nice things on earth ...



Oh, they work perfectly, our ancestors have something to love and respect the great work done by them all around us! Above this does not prevent think children - the tale of how people worked the land - the most interesting tale world! .. On the fence fields rdeyut roses and flowers everywhere laughing, many of them are already fading, but look at the blue sky on the golden sun; rustle of velvet petals, exuding a sweet smell in the air, blue, warm, full of fragrances, quietly rushing affectionate song:
What is beautiful - beautiful,
Even when the fade;
What we love - we love
Even when we die ...






Day has come! Good afternoon, children, and let your life will be a lot of good days! I wrote this boring? Nothing can be done when the child blowjob forty years - it becomes a little boring.

Morning product (Tale) written by Maxim Gorky at the end of 1910 for one of his correspondents - seven year old boy - and sent it along with a letter in which Gorky called "Morning" fairy tale. In the collected works are not included. Reproduced from typewritten copy, corrected and signed by the author (Archive Gorky). First published in the book: "Description of manuscripts Gorky," Vol. I, ed. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow-Leningrad. 1936.


Utro. oil on canvas 2013


Rannim morning


Zatsvela lilac, bird cherry






Posidelki - poglyadelki


Plyl the city smell of lilacs



Artist Vladimir Y. Zhdanov was born in Omsk in 1959. He currently lives in the town of Pushkin (Saint-Petersburg).

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