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Alvydas Venslauskas ... ~ I ~ blown cloud ...

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Alvydas Venslauskas ... ~ I ~ blown cloud ...



Razduvatelnitsa clouds

I do not play the fool
My day is full, bright, full -
I was blown clouds
of a hollow wooden tube.

And people think - flute.
And people think - play.
And clouds fly in April,
Showers accumulating May.

I believe in May and I believe in rain,
in your outstretched hand.
And, as the old Indian chief,
winter lighting his pipe,

and wait for the sign, then call
and bread crumbs to eat separation ...
I'm blown clouds
so you saw them in the window.

Nick Nevyrazimova


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Alvydas Ventslauskas born in Vilnius (1969). Schedule, muralist, sculptor. Painting was in the Lithuanian State Art Institute (now - Lithuanian Academy of Arts). Since the beginning of the eighties began to actively participate in the artistic life of Lithuania, participated in national and international exhibitions. In 1985, the first solo exhibition of paintings by Alvydas Ventslauskasa, and since that time his works were shown at exhibitions in many European countries - Luxembourg, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Scandinavia and others.

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