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Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson (1823 in Paris † 1903 to Falmouth, England) is a painter who painted many portraits realistic. She liked to draw children, and often encrusted in his works of small animals such as kittens, birds or butterflies.

Daughter of the Parisian architect Charles A. C. Gengembre and a mother born in England, she studied portrait with Baron von Steuben in Paris. At the 1848 revolution she emigrated to the United States (Cincinnati, Ohio), where she married a British artist Walter Anderson. In 1854, she went exhibit his works in England at the Royal Academy for a year. His work has been ranked in the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

If I had to give a true representation of the face of a fairy, I think this painting of Sophie Gengembre Anderson provide me with happiness.

Sophie Gengembre Anderson was born in 1823 in Paris, and died March 10, 1903, Falmouth, Cornwall, aged 80.

This French artist born British, specialized in painting the romantic kind of cherubs, children, and women with generally carried rural scenes, often encrusted in his works of small animals such as kittens, birds or butterflies

His art, influenced by realism and French Symbolism was largely affiliated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, however, allowing him not to be considered a member of this circle.

Although qu'initiée for a short time the portrait by Charles Auguste Steuben in Paris around 1843, Sophie Anderson can be considered to have been a self-taught artist in itself.


To avoid the French Revolution of 1848, she left France for the United States, the country where she met her future husband, the painter Walter Anderson.
The couple moved to London around 1863.

In the 30 years during which successive Sophie Anderson devoted himself to his painting passion, it was exhibited in prestigious venues such as the "Royal Academy", "the Society of British Artists," as in many galleries local art.

She was also one of the few women painters belonging to the Victorian era, whose work was acquired by a large municipal museum.

If she only painted women and children, this raised the fact that at that time, these models were the only acceptable for a female artist.

The work that I wanted to introduce you to a literal English title:
"Take the Fair Face of Woman, and Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending, THUS Your Fairy is Made of Most Beautiful Things"

We could give the following translation: "Take the Beautiful (Just) face of the woman, and adorn the pleasant, with butterflies, flowers and jewelry, so you get your fairy, made with the finest things. "


I personally find this picture of purity almost perfect symbiosis featuring a subtle alchemy between the extreme softness, the inner light that emanates from the character of the Fairy, the slight movement forward majorises air effect.

That's the beauty of innocence related to magic.

So dream a little in the company of this beautiful appearance ...


Memories in Moleskine


Images de blog de Stephan Hohenthanner semblent plus comme des souvenirs que des croquis pour moi. Il fait une habitude de dessiner le banal avec une attention particulière à tous ses petits détails, mais la façon dont il capture sur la page est de mauvaise humeur et atmosphérique. Stephan est un illustrateur à Hambourg, alors je vais assumer ce sont de vrais endroits en Allemagne. Je ne suis jamais allé en Allemagne, il est étrange pour moi d'admettre que ses scènes illustrées me font sentir un sentiment nostalgique de confort des rues et des maisons, je ne suis pas familier avec du tout.




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