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Ann Marie Bone: creativity without ambition

At the beginning of the life of this woman was a family. Thirty years of marriage and five children vividly testify that the script was realized with fantastic success, and Ann-Marie Bone (Ann Marie Bone) is a single-minded, self-sufficient and committed nature. Experience says: if in man there is a creative beginning, and nothing overcomes it, it is necessarily realized. And if you have the appropriate character traits - in full force. It was this story that happened to the housewife, in whose family the children suddenly grew up, and the husband retired.




Certainly, there are not many miracles in the world, higher education, obtained at Nottingham University, played its role. Michael Cheval art for sale The ability to organize yourself and the ability to learn - these are the two undeniable advantages that each higher education institution gives to any person who graduated from it. It had an undeniable influence and residence, it was Anne-Marie who called herself a constant source of inspiration for her drawing.

This former housewife did not just decide to take her place in contemporary art. Let, in fact, all of her paintings are brightly decorated with photos Kush Paintings for sale, she created from them a real commercial project. If a potential buyer wants to change several images in the image he likes, Anne-Marie will always go to the meeting. Such materials as oil and acrylic will suffer any retouch, and the creative ambitions of this American artist are not inherent: the main thing is that people like it. After all, art is always just for them.








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