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Funny pictures for breakfast.

Have you lost your appetite?
And if you try like this?))


One boy did not understand that his grandmother wished him well.
The grandmother smeared the fat boy with a thick sandwich and ordered to eat immediately.
The boy did not listen to his grandmother and looked at the sandwich with such contempt and hatred that the sandwich could not stand, jumped off the table and fled into the forest.
In the forest, the sandwich quickly wildened and learned to whistle loudly.
One day a sandwich appeared on the hillock and whistled with such force that other offended and uneaten sandwiches ran to this call.
What started here!
Crowds of feral sandwiches wandered around, outraged, trampled the fields, took to the village dogs and ravaged the chicken coops!
A gang of runaway sandwiches stopped the courier train, then the steam pipe and two buttons for the machinist were gone!
Lost conscience sandwiches began to walk into the city. Their raids became more and more provocative.
And the first most desperate sandwich even climbed onto the television tower and shook it! Yes, so that everyone in the TV ruffled! ..
But if one boy understood that his grandmother wished him well and listened to his grandmother, nothing would have happened.
But life would be very boring.

Sergey Georgiev












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