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Aida Vedischeva ... a retro Soviet era ...

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Aida Vedischeva ... a retro Soviet era ...

Talent - he is or is ... or he is not ...
Aida rendered everything because she

Aida Vedischeva - The January Blizzard rings

In the Soviet years, she was not admitted to the School of Schepkin.
And when miraculously managed to get on stage, the minister
culture Ekaterina Furtseva personally contributed this soloist
variety collectives in the list of artists,
"not recommended for performance on the radio
and television. "

Songs "Forest deer", "Help me", "Chunga-Chang",
"Song of the Bears" have become very popular,
and the surname of the singer is still
ruthlessly deleted from the credits.
Ida Solomonovna Weiss became Aida Semyonovna
Vedishchevoy - but even this did not help.
It is no wonder that in 1980 she was forced to

"The American Dream" Vedishchev not envy:
first the husband dies, then in agony leaves
life is Mama Aida. Another marriage, the third in a row,
with the modern "prince" - millionaire
ends with a humiliating divorce and even ...
prison. To top it off - the diagnosis:
cancer of the third degree ...

That for some it sounds like a sentence, for it
always was a signal to the beginning of active actions.
She always disposed of her destiny,
not allowing to interfere in their affairs to strangers.

In the USA Vedishchev is known under a pseudonym
Amazing Aida - Amazing Aida. Here she is finally
managed to achieve recognition and find love.
She proved to the whole world: her song is not yet sung!

I propose to see a wonderful film, where
Aida Vedischeva herself will tell about the trials,
which would be enough for several lives, and that,
As she not only coped with a serious illness,
but even managed to lead the actions
experienced American doctors!
The authors of the film met with the singer at her house,
in sunny California, to find out: Vedischeva
never give up!
The film features: Naim, husband of Aida
Vedishchevoy, actor Oleg Vidov, singers of Stakhan
Rakhimov and Alla Ioshpe, composers Alexander
Zatsepin, Igor Ivanov and Theodore Efimov,
producer Igor Granov, radio editor Irina
Zinkin, participants of the project "Star Factory",
doctor Vedishcheva and her Californian friends.
Aida Vedischeva - Childhood
Aida Vedischeva - Song of the Bears
Aida Vedischeva - Melody of Love
Aida Vedischeva - The Forest Deer
Aida Vedischeva - Help me

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