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Joseph Brodsky "Christmas romance

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Joseph Brodsky "Christmas romance - to Eugene Raina, with love."

Artist: Lesha Kurbatov

* * *
    Floats in an unaccountable melancholy
    amid the brickyard
    overnight boat
    from the Alexander Garden,
    night lamp unresponsive,
    a yellow rose on a rose,
    over the head of their l Sever Burada art for sale

oved ones,
    at the feet of passers-by.

    Floats in an unaccountable melancholy
    bee-walk of somnambulists, drunkards.
    In the night capital of the photograph
    sadly made a foreigner,
    and travels to Ordynka
    taxi with sick riders,
    and the dead stand in an embrace
    with mansions.

    Floats in an unaccountable melancholy
    a sad singer on the capital,
    stands by the kerosene shop
    sad wary chubby,
    hurries along the street unprepossessing
    lover old and beautiful.
    Midnight Train Bride
    floats in anguish inexplicable.

    It floats in the mist of the Zamoskvoretskaya,
    floats in the accident accidental,
    wandering Jewish scandal
    on the yellow ladder sad,
    and from love to unhappiness
    under the New Year, on Sunday,
    swims beautiful babe note,
    his anguish is not explaining.

    The cold evening floats in her eyes,
    trembling snowflakes on the car,
    frosty wind, pale wind
    will wrap red hands,
    and the honey of evening lights is poured
    and smells like sweet halvoyu,
    night pie bears Christmas Eve
    over the head.

    Your New Year in dark blue
    wave in the sea of ​​the city
    floats in anguish inexplicable,
    as if life begins again,
    as if there will be light and glory,
    a good day and plenty of bread,
    as if life would swing to the right,
    swinging to the left.

    December 28, 1961

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