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Child - it's the flesh of the sea waves, wind, lightning, sun ... Artist Tatiana Dery.


Poet - is a person who strongly rejoices greatly grieved, angry easily and firmly loves that deeply feels worried and sympathetic. And the children are.
A philosopher - is a person who is deeply ponder and always wants to know how things really are. Again, the children are.
Children find it difficult to say by what they feel and what they think, because to speak the words. And even more difficult to write. But children - poets and philosophers.


Child - the flesh of sea waves, wind, lightning, sun, the Milky Way. This speck of dust - a kinship with the ear, grass, oak, palm, chick, whelp, foal, puppy. It concluded that feels, sees, suffering, rejoicing, love, hope, hate, faith, doubt, attracts and repels. This speck embrace the idea - the stars and the oceans, mountains and abysses, - everything.




What is the content of the soul, if not the whole universe, but on a different scale!


- My child .....
No. Neither the months of pregnancy or in childbirth watch your child does not happen.
No, it's all child - mother and father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
Someone far I slept among the ancestors of someone's decayed, long-forgotten voice suddenly rang in your child. Seek .... sleeping particles themselves in your man's child. Maybe you will find it, even, perhaps, you manage to develop.




Is the earth by the sun because it shines? Wood - the seed from which it grew? Did the nightingale trills dedicates its mother for what she once it heats itself? Do you give away your child what he received from his parents, or lend at a time, carefully considering and calculating interest?
Is love - a service that can be paid?
Janusz Korczak













Children - is the embodiment of a certain sincerity. For the person looking for work - is the embodiment of his inner "I", a child directly, not clouded our world affairs, more sincere in terms of feelings. The initial value of the picture - it is a joy to the eye. Each painting - a certain state, emotion.
Tatiana Dery was born in 1973 in Moscow. In 1991, she graduated with honors with MSHSH MGHI them. Surikov. In 1999 he graduated from the Moscow State Academic Institute. Vasily Surikov. From this period began active exhibition activity. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

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Artist Victor Bykov



Artist Victor Bykov

Viktor Bykov. He was born in 1958. In 1980 he graduated from the Chelyabinsk Art School. Since 1988 po1993 studied at the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art (former Stroganov). His works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, France


Winter Forest
Victor Bykov / Viktor Bykov Oil on canvas 50x70






January in Russian - a 'section'.
Frost and frost in the yard.
Blizzard of snowflakes - boom throws,
Sweeps at dawn.

Fluffy frost on the trees,
Crystal, festive attire.
And the snow caps on the firs
In the rays shine so cold!

Play solar flare
On blocks of river ice.
And the gray wire thread
Sound of guitar strings.

Winter - icy weather
Spiny snow circling in the darkness.
January - this time of year.
Around the beginning of the world.
(Tatiana Lavrov)

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Wake boundless world .... Artist Gordon Hanley (art Metalpoint)


In beams resting his head bowed,
Eyelashes lilies blooms,
You woke trembling shadow
And am delightful motif.


And reflected in the mood of summer,
In scattered pearls of dew,
Love thy trembling light moisture
And the coveted Sky Turquoise ...


And reflected in the mood of summer,
In scattered pearls of dew,
Love thy trembling light moisture
And the coveted Sky Turquoise ...


And in the fragrance field breaths
It is with a flock of winged Muses
Daryl trill old memories
And ripe cherries - ineffable taste.




  Woman is entitled to collect from God and hide in the trunk infinity any directional beginning, continuation and end. She - a secret stores worlds She sacred vessel full of Breath Creator She - Eve.
The woman, however, slows down and stops a certain action, giving, thus, this action status eternity and eternal meaning. Feminine illusion of unlimited and endowed with great power. It affects even the sun, leading light in the waking hours of sleep. But precisely because of this dream, born night and day, and their eternal meaning.
Only in the power of the feminine nature can sleep yesterday's man, and wake up the endless world. This is the story of Christ and St. Mary's, the story of Adam and Eve, Life and Death, the story of a two-pronged Man in the ocean of time.


God created woman ... He created a world of love,
And hitherto unspeakable tenderness,
And parting snowstorms,
And sighs ... and recognition to dawn

God created a foretaste of each meeting,
Desire with patterns of shadows
Memories of glowing lights
He turned - in tearful candles

God gave her that longed to see
Bending of the body, a voice of trembling
Luring the mists of Providence,
In Its not disenchant the crystal.


And from the bottomless oceans of bliss,
And sails under windy wave
God gave her the right to nurture shoots
His very feminine hand

God prepodnёs gusts indispensable
Her necklace ghostly night
And from the heavens, and from the Moon keys
And on the other the unknown universes ...

He gave grief experiences
And thrill of happiness and faith for two
God made a woman from the contemplation of Heaven
God created the woman of the weaknesses of their ...
Karen Samundzhyan















Gordon Hanley was born in Southport, England, in 1954, when he was five years old, the family moved to Australia and settled in rural areas in the south-east Queensland. Gordon began drawing at an early age, he had the inspiration for nature, bird, and just ordinary objects that surrounded the teenager. After graduating from high school with a scholarship of the University of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth University), studied at the University of NSW (University of New South Wales) and the University of Queensland (UQ), which have been successfully completed with a diploma of education and a bachelor's degree in biology. He illustrated many academic studies, developing his talent in painting. After five years in the Navy and spent several years as a teacher, Gordon decided to pursue a career in art. His first solo exhibition was held in 1990.

Gordon Hanley, probably the only living artist in the world who produce photo-realistic images in Metalpoint. Each piece that consists of hundreds of thousands of individual lines drawn gold wire - product of extreme patience, precision and time. These figures are much warmer tone than the pencil drawings and tilt under the rays of light gray drawings come to life, reflecting the shimmering golden light. Simply put, you have not seen anything like this before. Just picture will not capture all the beauty of the figure in Metalpoint. These works really should be seen in its original form to be fully appreciated. Gordon Hanley work can be found in many private and corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas.

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